We know exactly what the “informal Encounters” area on Craigslist requires – well, we think we understand. Among most of the propositions for hookups would be the really horrible, unusual and crazy. These relaxed experiences are unexplainable.

There isn’t any doubt cyberspace is home to some wackos, nevertheless these nine are undoubtedly the wackiest.

1. Kid Daddy

Baby Daddycraigslist m4m1.jpg?width=502&height=146″ srcset=”https://www.datingadvice.com/images/uploads/2014/07/craigslist1.jpg?width=1004&height=292 2x” style=”display: block;” title=”Baby Daddy” width=”502″/>

Determining she hooked up with dude on Craigslist and got pregnant appears more likely to eliminate the woman husband.

2. Waffle House

Waffle House

Many fascinating component is the guy wants confirm that you’re maybe not the weirdo (and believes multiple females will reply).

3. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

This appears fairly “dangerous.” It is likely a “bad” idea to meet using this “stranger (in Moscow).”

4. Hall & Oates

Hall & Oates

When you’ve really envisioned this precise scenario, do it. Normally, this guy is the “Highway on risk Zone.”

5. Marinara Sauce

Marinara Sauce

It’s probably best to save your self the marinara for the spaghetti and prevent getting back in this guy’s hot tub at all costs.

6. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Just state di-NO to this request. Some blockbusters ought to be remaining to your giant screen, and this is definitely one of those.

7. Starbucks Java

Starbucks Coffee

It is not how you can get coffee each morning – it’s a good idea so that this person eliminate his personal oral delight.

8. $one million

$1 Million

Really the only promise this guy includes is the sense of pity and financial reduction that will follow this undertaking.

9. Man Hunt

Man Hunt

In the event you don’t want to end just like the washing machine and brush, I’d avoid this lady.

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